Friday, June 22, 2012

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Balls for Mini-Picky Eaters

Smoked Salmon, Organic Capers, Cream Cheese and Whole Wheat Bread.  The other day, my little one asked to taste what I was eating. (I had prepared for her a cream cheese & jam sandwhich already)  Of course, I said.  She tried the capers and spit them out.  She tried a tiny piece of salmon and exclaimed, "I like it!"  So, I tore up some more pieces & put it in her snack cup.  She came back later & told me, "All Gone!"  I guess she likes smoked salmon. 

Now this morning, I made her a plate.  She declared, "He needs eyebrows!" and proceeded to add three grapes above the "eyes" made of cream cheese covered bread squares.  Smile made of scissor chopped salmon bits.  (My little one tends to gag on large pieces of meat.) 

But, even with the fun smiley face plate of food...she wouldn't touch the bread & salmon.  She was probably getting full on the grapes...but, I gave her a piece of salmon just to get her interest back.  She gagged it out. 

Still, I figured she just didn't like how she had to come back to the table to eat her food.  My little gal is a snacker by nature.  So, to appeal to her snacky nature, I made grape sized balls using the food left on her plate.  Super simple recipe.

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Balls for Mini-Picky Eaters
1. Just put the smoked salmon bits on the bread and smoosh it flat (you can use a fork, i just used my clean fingers, funner that way),
2. then tear the bread & 
3. roll little pieces into bite sized balls.

I asked her to taste one and she gobbled it up and all the rest of these too.
Gobble & Go!

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Joycers said...

I think I'll have to give this a go with my own picky eaters. Thanks for the story!