Friday, June 13, 2008

Quick Bite Recipe: Turkey Brie Roll

I have been working day & night on a Hybrid Scrapbook tutorial and promoting my latest digital scrapbook kit, Posh Picnic available exclusively at Oh, by the way, included in the kit, is a super cute printable sheet of Drink Parasols. They're fun & functional. Instead of the black sharpie method, doll up your next mixer with custom drink umbrellas. Each one is different. Print them on a various types of papers for different looks & textures. And spear fresh fruits & berries on the skewers.

Anyhow...that's just a sneak peak into what I live breath sleep and think about all day. It's no wonder I have no interest lately in cooking. Well, today, was one of those days, where I just could not pry myself from the laptop for too long, not even to eat. But, my stomach growls finally forced me off the net & into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and all I had was rice from last night, sliced smoked turkey, and a big wedge of brie.

Could be a disappointing fare for the unimaginative. But, creativity being my thing...i quickly thought of the fastest way to deliver those into my tummy. It's not really a new, I can not take credit for The Roll. But, well, this combination, I dare say, I have yet to see on a menu. These puppies are done up psuedo sushi style, becuase there's cold rice, toasted sesame seeds, and Furikake involved.

1. Center a little log of cold Jasmine rice down the center of a deli slice of smoked turkey. I especially love the Hormel Natural Choice Smoked Deli Turkey because it tastes good and it has no artificicial preservatives and no hormones. But, if none of that matters to you, use whatever kind of deli meat you love.

2. Add a half slice of brie soft cheese atop the rice. I bought this brie from Costco the other day, and really loved it. It's creamy and has a nice mild tart afterbite.

3. Roll it up. That's it. the toothpicks are just to hold it in place long enough to take the picture. These things went fast. I ate about 5 rolls. As a final touch, I sprinked toasted sesame seeds for the nutty flavor. And Furikake for a nice saltyness.

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