Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Crispy Sushi Icecream

Crispy Sushi Icecream by mars carranza
(inspired by Mojo's from Moto's in Phoenix)

You'll Need:1 bag or 2 of marshmellows
1 box of rice crispies
Butter or I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Magnolia Green Tea Ice Cream or Neopolitan Ice Cream.
Little Debbie Brownies or whatever brownies you've got.
Chocolate, Strawberry, and/or Caramel syrup.
Red or orange sugar sprinkles.
Plastic Wrap.
1 or more Rectangular Pyrex dish(es) at least 13 in. long...

OK...Are you Ready?

1. Before you start the rice crispy action, take out your
icecream & set it on the counter to soften a tad bit. (If you
do choose to use Magnolia Green Tea gets
soft fast, so no need to set it out on the counter.)

2. Prep your other "sushi filling". Slice the brownies thin &
long. (Because later, you'll be laying it down the center from
one end of the pan to the other.) Have all your syrup bottles
and sprinkle bottles open. can line up any kind
of toppings you want to put inside: nuts, cut up candybars,
more marshmellows, cookie dough, whatever! Just make
sure they are open, cut up, set out & ready for action.

3. Then, prep your Pyrex, by laying an oversized sheet of
plastic wrap inside it. Letting a good amount to hang over
the sides. Then, smother the plastic wrap with your butter
of choice. (If you're making more than one roll, have 2-3
other pyrex prepped as well)

4. Now, basically, Follow instructions on the marshmellow
bag on how to make rice crispy treats, except add a
handfull of extra marshmellows from bag #2 or don't use the
entire box of rice crispy cereal...less by 2 cups. (reason being:
more marshmellows make it easier to'll see)

5. While the rice crispy mixture is still hot, start scooping it
out and smoothing it out, edge to edge, onto the buttered
plastic wrapped pyrex. Try to make it a maximum thickness
of 3/4 inch. (Any thicker, and it gets harder to roll up later)
Work quickly, if you intend on making more than one sushi
icecream roll. Because once the mixture gets's
pretty hard to smooth out and you're left with a pot of one big
rice crispy treat...which isn't bad, but not what we're going for.

6. Next, quickly smooth out your icecream down the center
(LENGTHWISE!) but avoid smoothing it all the way to the top
& bottom...LEAVE a 1 inch min. border on the top & bottom.
The icecream layer should be about 3/4 inch deep.

7. Speedily layer your other "sushi fillings" down the center
(LENGTHWISE)...don't make it too thick now...remember,
you gotta be able to Roll this puppy next.

8. (this part can get messy) Lift the Plastic Wrap edge
closest to you, then start rolling the whole thing, but be sure
NOT to roll the plastic wrap into the sushi roll. After you get
the whole thing rolled, take the same plastic wrap to cover
it up, and twist the ends, then pop it in the freezer to let the
icecream get hard again...about an hour later, remove the
plastic wrap, set on a nice serving dish, take a sharp knife
and slice the roll. (1 - 1 1/2 inch thick each piece.)

For added flare, drizzle chocolate, red sprinkles, and whip
cream over top individual servings. Best if eaten the day it's
prepared. If it's not eaten up in one sitting, then it will keep
in the freezer for several weeks, but, the rice crispies will
lose 90% of their crispiness.

After I learn how to make chocolate ganache, I plan on
layering a thin layer of chocolate ganache on top of the
rice crispies before smoothing down the icecream layer.
Or putting the chocolate ganache layer first, then the rice
crispies...the possiblities are endless with this.

Have fun! And send me pictures if you try this out.

from mars
living a life inspired!

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